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What is OSS-EC ?

OSS-EC is an open source software (OSS) for components. OSS is beginning to be used in embedded software, and free software provision is becoming the norm. OSS-EC is an OSS that anticipates the needs of product makers and is designed to be embedded in product software, and will be provided free of charge to all users of components.

Product makers and components users can greatly improve the “Quality”, “Cost”, and “Delivery” of product embedded software development by using OSS-EC.

By providing OSS-EC, components makers and trading companies can deliver high-quality, fast, and inexpensive programs to product makers, helping to expand sales. OSS-EC can also be used as a sample program for evaluation of component products.

OSS-EC is OSS for products in various fields, such as automotive, IoT, and home appliances.

This website is based on the patent No. JPB6694567 obtained by our company.


  • High quality because it is open source and used by many people
  • Similar components share common use of programs Exe : Common programs of ADC type conmopnents
  • Architecture for a variety of operating systems Exe : AUTOSAR , Mbed
  • Support for a variety of requirements Exe : Filter SMA , EMA , WMA
Automotive & IoT