What is OSS-EC ?

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OSS-EC is open source software for electronic components. OSS-EC is OSS for use in products together with electronic components. Therefore, we develop and provide OSS-EC on the premise that it will be incorporated into product software. We will continue to provide OSS-EC so that it can be of help to your product development.

Purpose of OSS-EC

Win-Win for Electronic Component Industry
Product manufacturer       : Streamlining Product Software Development
Component manufacturer : Reduction of sample program development costs and sales expansion by providing OSS-EC


– Provided free of charge as open source software(OSS)
– Supports a wide variety of electronic components
– Supports HAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) of each MCU manufacturer
– Standardize APIs by electronic component type

This website is based on the patent No. JPB6694567 obtained by our company.

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