BSL 00000251

MP TypeI2C
External interrupt
OS TypeArduino & Free-RTOS
I2Cregister1 read
register2 read/write
DOregister1,register2 clear control
External interruptIC output ( MPU sleep deprivation )
Diagnostics SP –
CP register2 write check , register1 clear check

Specification document of OSS-EC 00000251

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Software Specifications

In this section, we will use the OSS-EC I2C component ( ABLIC S-35710M ) as an example.

Intended use scenarios

Shifts to MPU Sleep mode when condition A is satisfied, generates an INT interrupt after the wakeup time elapses, and releases MPU Sleep mode.


The OSS-EC architecture for the S-35710M is shown in ( fig.1), in accordance with the hardware architecture.
The State flow is shown in ( fig.2 ). Condition A is satisfied if Wakeup_req = iSet.
The API is shown in ( fig.3 ).
The Sequence of PCMP for Command is shown in ( fig.4 ).
Data table

Blue label characters are data related to user define.

Data table

#define LabelValueData contents
iPCMP_cyc  1000U//portTICK_PERIOD_MS PCMP Function call cycle 1000[ms]
iErr_times3UNumber of error judgments 3[times]
iCom_retry_num3UI2C communication retry 3[times]
iWakeUp_time10UWakeup time 10[s]
iDia_WakeUp_time2UDiagnostic Wakeup time 2[s]
iI2C_SDA20*I2C SDA Pin
iI2C_SCL21*I2C SCL Pin
iI2C_frequency400000Frequency 400[kHz]

* sample test board : Arduino MEGA2560[R3]

File ( Arduino & Free-RTOS C++)

main.inoapplication source code file
pcmp.cppI2C Component source code file
prc.cppProcess source code file
pcmp.hI2C Component header file
oss-ec.h OSS-EC header file
ic.hIC Number header file
ic_setting.cppic setting data file
user_setting.huser setting header file
layer_if.hLayer interface header file
prc.hProcess header file
S35710M.cppS-35710M const table file
S35719M.hS-35710M header file
i2c_bus_recover_wrapper.cppI2C bus recover code file
i2c_bus_recover.hI2C bus recover header file