BSL 00000500

OS TypeMulti-Thread Mbed , etc
Calculation accuracyfloating-point calculation
Characteristic Conversionlinear conversion
Filter Non
Diagnostics SP Max/Min
CP Open Thermocouple Detection diag
MP non-diag

Software Specifications

In this section, we will use the OSS-EC SPI component ( Maxim MAX6675 ) as an example.

Intended use scenarios

After power is turned on, the temperature is obtained from the temperature sensor via SPI communication. If the temperature exceeds the upper or lower limit, it judges NG and stops acquiring temperature and Sleep.


Block diagram of SPI components and OSS-EC software ( fig.1 )
Application state transition of SPI components ( fig.2)
API ( fig.3 )
Command sequence ( fig.4 )

Blue label characters are data related to components.
Red label characters are data related to application.
Green label characters are data related to the circuit.

File ( Mbed C++)

main.cppapplication source code file
pcmp.cppSPI Component source code file
pcmp.hSPI Component header file
oss-ec.h OSS-EC header file
ic.hIC Number header file
layer_if.hOSS-EC Layer interface header file
prc.cppSequence process data file
prc.hSequence process header file
user_setting.cppuser setting data file
user_setting.huser setting header file
max6675.cppMAX6675 data file
max6675.hMAX6675 header file