NXP Semiconductors : Pressure sensor : MPXH6115A

Manufacturer nameNXP Semiconductors
Category1  Sensor
Category3A/D converter
Conmponents Classification  Pressure sensor
Model NumberMPXH6115A      Datasheet   


The MPXxx6115A series of pressure sensors integrates an on-chip bipolar operational amplifier circuit and thin-film resistor network to provide a high output signal and temperature compensation. The small form factor and high reliability of on-chip integration make this pressure sensor a logical and economical choice for system designers.



  • Resistant to high humidity and common automotive media.
  • Improved accuracy at high temperatures.
  • Small and ultra-small outline packages are available.
  • Maximum error of 1.5% in the range of 0°C to 85°C
  • Ideal for microprocessor- and microcontroller-based systems.
  • Temperature compensation from -40°C to +125°C is possible.
  • Durable thermoplastic (PPS) surface mount package.
  • 高湿度や一般的な自動車用メディアに耐性あり
  • 高温時の精度向上
  • 小型および超小型のアウトラインパッケージを用意
  • 0℃~85℃の範囲で最大誤差1.5%を実現
  • マイクロプロセッサやマイクロコントローラベースのシステムに最適
  • -40℃から+125℃までの温度補正が可能
  • 耐久性の高い熱可塑性(PPS)表面実装パッケージ


  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Engine control/manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • Weather station, barometer for weather observation equipment
  • 産業用制御機器
  • エンジン制御/マニホールド絶対圧(MAP)
  • ウェザーステーション、気象観測装置の気圧計