CHS-UPR : Components Spec

CHS-UPR is a Humidity sensor IC manufactured by TDK.

Manufacturer nameTDK
Category1  Sensor
Category3A/D converter
Components Classification Humidity sensor
Model NumberCHS-UPR      Datasheet   


  • Wide humidity range of 5 to 95(%)RH.
  • High accuracy.
  • Flat temperature characteristics over a wide range.
  • Almost no hysteresis in humidity sensing characteristics.
  • Excellent cost performance due to its small size and limited installation space.
  • Low current consumption. Displays 100(%) RH with DC.1V output, and relative humidity can be read directly with a voltmeter.
  • All-in-one structure that integrates all necessary circuits and operates simply by connecting a power supply (5V).


  • Refrigerator (prevention of condensation)
  • Air conditioner (indoor humidity control)
  • PPC, LBP (image quality control)
  • Electronic humidity measuring instrument foADr industrial use
  • Air conditioning system for plant factories, etc.

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