S-5813A, S-5814A : Components Spec

S-5813A, 5814A is a Temperature sensor IC manufactured by ABLIC.

Manufacturer nameABLIC
Category1   Sensor
Category2 -                        
Category3 A/D converter
Components Classification Temperature sensor
Model NumberS-5813A, 5814A      Datasheet   


The S-5813A/5814A Series is a family of high-precision temperature sensor ICs on a single chip with a linear output voltage for temperature changes. Each chip is composed of a temperature sensor, a constant current circuit, and an operational amplifier. The operating ambient temperature is from –40°C to +100°C. These devices have much better linearity than other temperature sensors such as thermistors, and can be used for a wide range of temperature control applications.


Temperature accuracyS-5813A Series : ±5.0°C (-30°C to +100°C)
S-5814A Series : ±2.5°C (-30°C to +100°C)
Linear output voltage-11.04 mV/°C Typ.
Ta = -30°C : 2.582 V Typ.
Ta = +30°C : 1.940 V Typ.
Ta = +100°C: 1.145 V Typ.
Nonlinearity±0.5% Typ. (-20 to +80°C)
Wide power supply voltage operationVDD = 2.4 V to 10.0 V (+25°C)
Low current consumption4.0 μA Typ. (+25°C)
Built-in operational amplifier
Output voltage referred to VSS
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free


  • Compensation of high-frequency circuits such as cellular phones and radio equipment
  • Compensation of oscillation frequency in crystal oscillator
  • LCD contrast compensation
  • Compensation of amplifier gain
  • Compensation of auto focus circuits
  • Temperature detection in battery management
  • Overheating prevention for charged batteries or halogen lights

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