STMicroelectronics : Temperature sensor : STLM20W87F

Manufacturer nameSTMicroelectronics
Category1   Sensor
Category2 -                        
Category3 A/D converter
Conmponents ClassificationTemperature sensor
Model NumberSTLM20W87F       

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The STLM20 is a high accuracy analog output temperature sensor for low current applications where maximizing battery life is critical.



  • Precision analog voltage output temperature sensor
  • ±1.5°C maximum temperature accuracy at 25°C (±0.5°C typical) 
  • Ultra-low quiescent supply current: 4.8 µA (typ) and 8.0 µA (max)
  • Operating voltage range: 2.4 V to 5.5 V
  • Operating temperature range: –55°C to 130°C (grade 7) –40°C to 85°C (grade 9)
  • SOT323-5L 5-lead package
  • UDFN-4L 4-lead package
  • 精密アナログ電圧出力温度センサ
  • 最大温度精度±1.5°C 25°C (±0.5°C typical) 
  • 超低消費電流:4.8 µA (typ)、8.0 µA (max)
  • 動作電圧範囲:2.4V~5.5V
  • 動作温度範囲: -55℃~130℃(グレード7) -40℃~85℃(グレード9)
  • SOT323-5L 5-lead package
  • UDFN-4L 4-lead package


  • Smartphones
  • Multimedia PDA devices
  • GPS devices
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Voltage Controlled Crystal Units
  • Temperature Monitors
  • RF Power Transistor Monitors
  • スマートフォン
  • マルチメディアPDA機器
  • GPS機器
  • 携帯型医療機器
  • 電圧制御型水晶振動子
  • 温度モニター
  • RFパワートランジスタモニター