Hardware specification of CHS-MSS

【 H-CMP Architecture 】

The H-CMP Architecture of this product is shown in the figure below.

本部品のH-CMP Architectureは、下図の通りである。

S-CMP  Sensor    Humidity y            湿度 y 
VDD supply circuit   VDD供給回路  
Transformer circuit   変圧回路
Sensor supply voltage VDD   Sensor供給電圧 VDD   
Transformation factor Ktc    変圧係数 Ktc
M-CMPA/D converter     A/D変換器Analog input AI         アナログ値 AI

【 Sensor Property Conversion 】

Voltage humidity conversion type:humidity = Vout / 0.01 [V/%RH]

Maximum Humidity iPhysics_max  85.0[%RH]
Minimum HumidityiPhysics_min20.0[%RH]
Maximum voltageiVout_max0.85[V]VDD = 3.3 [V]
Minimum voltageiVout_min0.2[V]VDD = 3.3 [V]