HDC1080 : OSS Spec and Program Download

OSS specifications and program downloads for HDC1080 can be found in the table below.
OSS = OSS-EC(Open Source Software for Embedded Components) = Sample program

Texas Instruments : HDC1080 : Temperature & Humidity sensor
MPU interface : I2C
OS Supported : Mbed

To view the OSS detailed specifications, click on the number in the table below. To download program, click on the Download file name in the table below:

Update History.

NumberMP TypeOS TypeCA*CC**FilterDiagnosticsDownload
00000200I2CMbedfloat typelinearSP Max/Min
CP Write check

* CA : Calculation accuracy   ** CC : Characteristic Conversion

(Note) This sample version does not support I2C communication of multiple ICs. The regular version will support I2C communication of multiple ICs.

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