Open Source Software for Embedded Components( abbreviation:OSS-EC )

OSS-EC is aimed at high quality, low cost, and short term development of programs for electronic components. For this purpose, OSS-EC has the following features and has been developed so that similar electronic components can be handled by using the same program and setting constants.

  • High commonality of programs for similar electronic components.
  • Constantization of functions and performance of electronic components.

Realization method

  • Make a circuit into a circuit block. ( fig.1 )
  • Turn a circuit block into a circuit layer. ( fig.2 )
  • Turn the circuit layer into a software layer. ( fig.3 )
  • Connect the circuit blocks of electronic components to the software layer of OSS-EC. ( fig.4 )
  • Application Programming Interface ( API ) of OSS-EC ( fig.5 )